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I will be adding regular posts on here, that I you will read and find of some interest.

19th February 2019

My Fucked Up Sunday

Sunday started of a bad day for me, I had got the Lazies which is becoming a regular habit for me just lately, getting old.

Tilly had woken me up by singing Old McDonald and banging her toys around her cage for me to uncover her, the longer I ignored her the louder she got

not to mention things she was saying which normally I find very funny.

I eventually got out of my pit uncovered her and made a cuppa and got back in bed, finally getting up Tilly did her normal routine flying around then settling herself on the Tap in the kitchen whilst I get her breakfast ready, forgetting I had cups on the side of the sink as my dishwasher has died I turned to switch the kettle on only to hear mugs being smashed two of my new Denby Mugs on the floor, I normally make sure there are no pots about as she just picks everything up and throws them on the floor,

Im surprised there are any pots left.

After breakfast I managed to get her in her big cage so I could have my bath, I did not even tidy the bungalow up it was a tip, after my bath I had to rush as I had to meet someone at the Tram Station who had purchased a cock pump from me, after delivering the Pump I had to go to Leicester to the Parrot shop for Tillys food and new toys which wasn't to bad a journey being a Sunday, I got home dumped the bags and had a cuppa and went out side to get my washing in noticed that the pump in the pond was floating so I had to sort that out and clean it also I have an awful  a lot of Blanket Weed to say I only had the pond done just before end of the summer so I was messing about for ages pulling it out as much as I could, I went back to the shed to switch the filter back on and noticed a chappy at the door OMG I forgot that I had a fucking booking at pm what an embarrassment, as I had my PJ's back on dressing gown with poop down the back I was covered in crap from the pond and blanket weed, I have not been as embarrassed as I was that day for a very long time, But it turned out OK as he saw the funny side of things {Well I hope he did}.

I got washed and dressed in my Lingerie and Fuck did we have a great sex session it was fucking amazing, so really the day turned out good.

Enjoy xxx

16th January 2019

Mixed Events

Yesterday the 15th January I had arranged a few mixed events for different things, first was to do my custom videos for clients that had ordered and already paid so had to get them done and out the way so much cramped into one morning so much cock I had a great time, Thank you to all that attended.

Well Lunch time was soon upon us so had to tidy up and shower ready for my Bukkake fitting in a little lunch before we got going again.

I felt a little sorry for Andy the photographer as it was difficult filming and watching what was going on, I could see he had a large Growth in his pants which turned me on even more knowing he was excited but he remained very professional throughout.

Thank you to you all that attended, not been splattered in so much Spunk at one time, so glad that I wear Glasses.

 After the Bukkake I showered again and changed the bed and got on with some photo sets before my Gang-Bang started at 5 pm such a very busy day,

but nothing stopped us getting as much content as possible.

Thank you for all that attended my Gang-Bang.

Today my whole body aches from all that battering also positions I have not done for a very along time, but I am not complaining as I had such a fulfilled day with each and everyone that came through my door, god knows what the neighbours thought with all the cumming and goings.

I am now thinking of dates for my next events then arranging the locations, so if anyone knows of good locations please do email me.

I will be arranging a shoot in a pub near Matlock Derbyshire so if any Ladies or Gents are interested in joining me for videos and photos

please email me with your interest also you are ok with providing two photo ID.

This event will be posted very soon once I have arranged with the Pub Owner also dates confirmed with my photographer.

 Again I want to thank everyone that turned up yesterday 15th January to my events.

I also want to thank Andy Big E300 for his time filming it all because without him I could not have got all what I did in videos and photos.

11th January 2019

First Blog Of 2019!

Happy New Year to everyone.

Well my New Years resolutions are Not to allow Time wasters to ruin my day's anymore, you make a booking and you can not keep it please let me know in good time.

If you make several booking's and keep cancelling you will no longer be on my list to see anymore, this goes for regulars as well.

You make a booking with me and you do not show, I will block your number so no more calls from you.

You make a booking with me in advance and you cancel a few day's before and I see you went to see someone one else again you will be off my list.

I will not allow anymore individuals to waste my time, time is precious.

Rant Over!

Things are now starting to pick up after the festive season which I am glad to say good bye too, looking for a better year this year as nothing seamed to go my way last year.

I am putting a few shoots together which I am looking forward to, so any Ladies fancy joining me for a content shoot at any time please do get in touch,

I have plenty of guy's but the ladies are few and far between, normally the other way round.

I had my first shoot with Gaza which was a good shoot as usual, most people know him that is in the industry.

I am shooting again on the 15th January with Andy this will be my second shoot with him, our plans for the day are solo chubby's for custom videos I have to do,

then we are doing the Bukakke [Filmed} at lunch time, later in the evening my Gang Bang which is going to be filmed so you can go and purchase the videos through my website.

Any request you may have for shoots are always welcomed.

So all so far is a good one.

Happy New year Lov hun xxx

19th October 2018

Here We Go Again

Good morning hope my Blog find's you all well and Horny.

7.30am Friday 19th October, I was woken by the Door Bell, so up I got putting my Fluffy Dressing Gown on I opened the door well,

there stood a Fucking Idiot only asking me Are You Working???

Do I look like im Fucking working at this time of the morning, I did not even get a word of an apology, but the idiotic imbecile continued to ask

I can come in and wait whilst you get ready!


Please DO NOT TURN UP AT MY HOME, how would you like me to turn up at your door whilst you have your family and children at home,



If my phone is NOT ON - I AM NOT WORKING.



Rant Over!

13th October 2018

My Naughty Last Few Days Shooting Filth!

Well where do I start,  telling you about my Naughty Filthy Adventures over the last few day's.

First of all I can tell you that my Fanny is well and truly Fucked and now taking a break to recover, {poor thing}.

It was lovely to see Gary the photographer after such along time, plenty to catch up on, we both enjoy our Gin so our first night was on the Gin Tasting after we decided that we were going to have an Indian delivered, {A meal of course}.

Thursday was our first day of shooting Naughty Filth,  it was fucking interesting and eye opening, we weren't able to work to scenarios as we were just inundated with visitors wanting to be part of the filth, First visitor was Dave, I cant remember many more names as they were cumming and going, what the Fuck my Neighbours thought I don't know but hey Ho. 

we were talking a scenario with Dave when the second guy arrived fuck very Tall and sexy he told us what he had bought with him as he did not wish for his face to be shown but it worked very well, so we made the scenario where Dave was my fella the other guy was my New Fuck Doll, I am not telling you the scenario as you will enjoy the video once it is out on my site, I must say a Big Thank You to you both.

I went to freshen up and Gary was doing the tidying when,the next guy arrived, The Fireman well laugh that we did, another video I hope you will cum in to watch. We just kept filming as the guys arrived as they all did not arrive at the same time which was a little annoying but traffic slowed some of them up.

We missed a lot of guys whilst filming as it wasn't appropriate to give out my door number before confirmation of time they were arriving.

After the Ginger Boy we had to stop for Lunch as my fanny was getting a little battered and worse for ware.


The evening we had arranged a Gang Bang so we had to prepare for that as we wasn't quiet sure how many would turn up, well it was a lot of fun and extremely exciting and I can not wait to do another one.

Thank you to everyone that joined me on my Naughty Adventures today.

Lov Hun xxx

13th June 2018

Fucking Timewasters!

I was showered and ready to meet my Client who did not arrive, I left it half an hour due to him travelling.

I called to ask if he was ok finding where I was, his reply was....

Oh honey sorry i got called into work.
I asked him why he could not have texted me to say he would not be coming to save me wasting time getting ready,

as he would have been able to let me know as soon as he knew he was ???? called into work,

Bearing in mind he was working in Nottingham today, Ha Ha, he then said there had been an Explosion

and people were in casualty that was his priority, which I would agree if this was true.

I had turned down another Booking for today as he had already booked through the Adult-Work Booking System.


I do not know what it is with these silly Asian's Boy's who just love to Disrespect us Ladies.
I had several call's from this SHITEHAWK who sounded genuine at the time and did ask me if I saw Asian Gentlemen,

as log as you are respectful to me throughout your booking there will not be a problem.

I was given an address for the booking and all was agreed between us.
The SHITHAWK followed instruction's on confirming an hour before my leaving home also contacted me via text to make sure I was on my way.

What a fucking CUNT I got to the address only to find it an empty property all boarded up, I called the number which kept going to voice mail, on my way back home I then received some very abusive text messages from this STUPID CUNT,  I want to use other names but I may cause racial issues so I wont go there.

This idiot calls him self Tarik

An Update to today's meeting – Revised

Hi everyone – I wanted to update you on latest meeting I had on Saturday over this malicious individual who has been trying to people and talking about me to anyone who it appears will listen. Well I have been told that this guy runs a small barbers shop in a local town to me – and his "Chair" conversation to another manager of the company I work for - appears to be about me and "our" antics. I do recognise this guy and also see that he has a Facebook account and it confirms his identity.

This guy really has no right to be talking about me to strangers and although I could name him – I am not going to bring myself down to his level - so have made this revision to the original blog.

He is still a – in my eyes an untrustworthy individual and has eyes for hurting people. I will save all the details of "The Hucknall Barber" and rest assured if I am ever again asked about my private life – either at work – or via any third party and in comes back to you I won't be as tolerant of your childish and hurtful comments and will release evidence that you will find extremely uncomfortable! Please do not infringe onto my private life again - Are you hearing me "The Hucknall Barber"?

As for work – an unsolicited and anonymous email (doesn't have the balls to put his name to it! – cannot be acted upon so yet again a fail! And no further action.

To all the haters – please respect people's private lives and keep things to yourself. Live love Laugh.

I received this email through AdultWork.

Hi, can I just say..furious at the inference in the faqs on yours that all who offer 15mins are slags who fuck non stop allday conveyor belt style. . 1 thing that fucks me off is escorts putting down other escorts. we are not a VENDING MACHINE if we choose to offer 15min appointments, theyre for us to choose (shy men , or busy young lads) doesnt mean we see 15x15minuters ALLDAY we may only see ONE 15MINUTER THAT DAY please be aware it's all our individual prerogative what hours we work, choose to offer in time slots, etc. there;s no 'superior way' of handling it. It's what suits us and borne of our experiences. shy men dont need longer than 15mins. neither do super busy chaps passing through en route to London. STILL DOESNT MEAN I SEE MANY a day, at times i can see 3 a week, sometimes FAR LESS. my very STANCE IS I am NOT a conveyor belt shagger. a conveyor belt shagger sees 1 man after the other whether thats hourlys 1 after other, or not. crikey Im pushing it even doing 2. in same day.
ffs if you keep it real anyway most men cum in 2 - 6 mins so all rest of time is CHAT. so fuck off with your fucking judgment , seeing a 15min chap that day , is same as seeing an hourly man that day. JUST ARE PAID LESS. sorry to hear bout your punter causing issues, nobody deserves that, please be mindful though of accusing others of things you assume that is'nt based on facts or a reality of the other persons' life. I dont mean my stance on some use gimmicks to make more money , that;s just defending the fact I've a (at mo) house that needs DIY and attention, due to debts and low income status. I don't live in mayfair lol..its purely to warn customers that my towel(ripped bath towel at that),..is what it is. I am not in a position to offer 'posh' stuff, in a 'posh' flat & thats why the fees are fair. (levied due to the state of house AT THE MOMENT, not how it will ALWAYS be), how it is AT THE MOMENT. due to dog etc.. etc.
take care. blocking as I've no desire to cause ructions or a row just defending the criticism and wrongly/harshly levied assumption and judgment and hoping itll open your mind a bit to not all escorts work the same way. Or to assume a short slot means we shag non stop all day, at times a short slot is very handy if I AM BUSY WITH OTHER STUFF, SEEING DAUGHTER ETC, its quite nice to just slot a cheerful fellow in at a convenient space.!!! THAT DAY. ONE OF. THAT DAY. AS IN ONE LAD/ .MAN THAT DAY.
take care , bye.    Voluptuous_VP

Well I do hope that the jealous, spiteful and evil little Parasite I am taking about - gets to read today's Blog. If you do then just to up-date you on your malicious nasty call to my employer informing them of my private sexy life that I have been having such a good time doing, and will continue to do, despite your accusations and attempts to cause me distress and hurt at work and in my private life.

I do not think that you are that well educated really, because if you were, you would realise that what we Ladies do in our private life's is not illegal and we are not doing anything wrong, in fact we are generally proud of what we do!
You personally may be in a dead end Job in which you do not get any enjoyment or pleasure from, working for a low wage, standing on your feet many hours just doing nothing, or maybe even in a Barber Shop.
Is this RINGING any BELL'S.

Well, for your comfort, yes my employer does know and although not ideal, I shall up-date you from my next meeting, when I shall be shown the evidence and possibly the name of my accuser. Who knows what will happen then!!

Check back parasite!
Continue to enjoy peeking at my content parasite and Happy Wanking.